In order make the festival workshops enjoyable for everybody, we need to ensure that everyone is registered for the correct track level. Please read the descriptions below and take note of the audition process.

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Absolute Beginner

This track will cover the fundamentals of lindy hop: rhythm, partnership, improvisation and musicality. The aim will be to get you comfortable on the social dance floor. No experience is required however it will be beneficial to have taken a few classes before the festival. If you have been dancing for less than three months, this is the track for you.

No auditions required.


Been dancing for less than a year and have the basics down? This track is for you. The focus will be on expanding your repertoire, refining the essentials partnering skills as well as working on your own body movement. If you have just started dancing you might be at this level by the time the festival arrives.

No auditions required.


If you have been dancing for a couple of years and are a regular on the social floor this is the track for you. The classes in this track will be focused on widening your horizons beyond the basic rhythms and shapes as well as honing your ability to communicate with your partner to allow more creativity and expression on the dance floor.

Auditions required.


This track will aim to make you really stand out on the dance floor, but also explore the elements of performance and competition. Complex rhythms, micro and macro musicality, playfulness, lines and angles and mind-reader partnership. If you have been dancing for a few years and are looking to push your dancing to the next level, this is the place for you.

Auditions required.

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Auditions are a necessary part of the festival to ensure that everyone is registered for the correct track. The auditions will be very relaxed, this is not something to stress about. It will merely involve dancing socially as a group so the teachers can see if there are any dancers that would benefit more from being in a higher or lower level.

Please note:

  • Auditions are optional for the Beginner track (to try for Intermediate).
  • Auditions are compulsory for the Intermediate and Advanced tracks.
  • The teachers’ selections are final.
  • Please note that tracks are not an absolute measure of your ability, the track levels depend on the overall distribution of attendees.
  • If your partner is placed in a lower level, you may choose to join that level.