Once again, we’re inviting an incredibly exciting teacher lineup to Cape Town for a unique lindy hop experience, and combined with our local teachers teaching the beginner track, we’re all set for a kick-ass weekend in the Mother City.

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Sylvia Sykes is one of the most widely recognized and respected swing dance instructors in the world. Sylvia began dancing in 1966, competing in 1970, and teaching in 1979, and she studied with many of the dance greats, including Frankie Manning and Dean Collins. She is a six-time US Open Finalist, a member of the National Swing Dance Hall of Fame, and co-founder of the International Lindy Hop Championships. Sylvia’s unparalleled expertise and passion for preserving regional dances have made her the most sought-after head judge for Lindy Hop and Balboa competitions, and a celebrated international instructor.


Marie N’Diaye is a Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz choreographer, performer and instructor, who has been dancing almost as long as she has been walking, training mostly in modern Jazz. She fell in love with Swing, Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz in 2007. Marie worked and danced with the fantastic teachers of the Cat’s Corner Studio in Montreal before moving to Stockholm where she teaches at the Chicago Swing Dance Studio. She also teaches internationally, in France, Spain, England, Australia, Russia, Sweden… and soon, South Africa. Marie also leads the resident chorus line at the world famous Herräng Dance Camp.


Adam Brozowski is a Seattle-based dancer who spends his year traveling around the world teaching, choreographing and performing. He holds titles from the International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships and is an inductee into the Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships Hall of Fame. Adam trained closely under 96-year-old original Savoy Ballroom dancer Norma Miller and is dedicated to preserving and spreading her legacy and the legacies of her fellow original Harlem Lindy Hoppers his classes.


Vincenzo Fesi is a dancer, teacher and choreographer recognised worldwide. As a real globetrotter, he teaches and performs at the most prestigious swing dance events around the world. Melbourne, Paris, Stockholm, Seoul and London are just some of the cities where he is invited as a guest every other weekend. He was born at Lake Como, but Roma adopted him three years ago. Inspired by the incomparable Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Frankie Manning, Vincenzo Fesi dances the Lindy Hop, Balboa, tap dance and many other jazz styles.


Mikaela Hellsten was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up with a love for music and dancing. Already as a kid she had a special liking for Swing, with favourite artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Bill Haley. At the age of 13 she discovered Lindy Hop for the first time and since then she has never stopped! Today Mikaela travels all over the world to teach, compete and social dance. When dancing Mikaela often has a big smile on her face, so if she’s at the dance you won’t miss her.

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Elvis Sibeko’s love for dance was nurtured at an early age when he danced as an extra-mural activity at Phandimfundo Secondary School. This promising young artist joined Jazzart Dance Theatre’s Performance Company in 2012 after completing the Jazzart three-year Training Programme in 2011. Prior to joining Jazzart, Elvis had previously trained with Tribhangi Dance Theatre in dance styles such as Indian, Traditional and Gumboot dancing. Elvis is a skilled choreographer, teacher, dancer, DJ and music composer with 10 years of arts industry experience. Elvis brings a huge energy to his Pantsula and Gumboot classes, as MCH2017 participants can attest.


Sarah Boyd began lindy hopping in 2008 with the Swing Club at her alma mater in Troy, New York. She’s been swinging out ever since, first as a teacher and performer, now as the resident instructor for Boogie Back’s Stellenbosch classes. After moving to South Africa in 2013, Sarah began teaching swing in Stellenbosch with Boogie Back. With proof positive that all good things in life come from swing (best friends, killer dance moves, all the good music, and unforgettable memories) Sarah’s mission is to share the joy of lindy hop with anyone who has ever seen a swing out and said to themselves, “I wanna do THAT!”


Brendan Argent started lindy hop at Boogie Back in 2013, with Muriel – so that they could open the dance floor at their wedding. The bug bit hard and grew into an obsession, and they started taking classes and dancing wherever possible. In June 2015, Brendan and Muriel were both awarded the Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador Scholarship to attend Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden, where they spent 5 weeks digging into the life-changing world of lindy hop.


Muriel Argent discovered lindy hop in 2013 via a friend, who dragged her and Brendan to a class at Boogie Back – they were hooked and for the next year, took as many classes as they could pack into the week. A few months later, they had a choreography for their wedding dance (which they promptly forgot when the big moment came!). Her interest in lindy hop scene building (and later, teaching) was was ignited after attending her first international lindy hop event, Orient Lindy Express in Istanbul.